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In order for a man to navigate skillfully through this world, he needs to have a “friend who sticks closer than a brother.”

At Christ Disciple’s Ministry, Men’s Fellowship stands as a cornerstone of a man's spiritual well-being. Neglecting it risks stunting growth and potential spiritual downfall, echoing Jesus's charge to Peter in Luke 22:32 to "strengthen your brothers." Strong faith is nurtured through the camaraderie of fellow believers. Here are five compelling reasons why:

  • Brotherhood in Burdens: Men must share the weight of life's burdens, as Galatians 6:2 suggests. Concealing struggles is counterproductive; instead, men should lean on one another for support. While women often seek relational connections more fervently, men require these bonds just as critically, if not more.​

  • Sharpening Through Fellowship: Like iron sharpening iron (Prov 27:17), men experience growth and refinement in the company of peers. To hone oneself, one needs the friction of interaction with other men.

  • Collaborative Ministry: Genuine partnership in ministry flourishes among men. As Ecclesiastes 4:9 underscores, "Two are better than one," maximizing labor's effectiveness. Whether toiling as fishermen or debating theological matters, men's collective effort amplifies impact.

Christ Disciples Ministry convenes monthly gatherings, fostering fellowship within the church community. Moreover, CDM has forged a dynamic partnership with Pastor May of Oasis of Hope and Pastor Mitchell of ARMI Ministries to establish the Brothers In Christ Alliance. This alliance unites men from various congregations, offering opportunities for shared growth and support at monthly gatherings held at diverse locations.

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Contact Chris Hendrix at

Christ Disciples Ministry
Men's Meetings

March 2024

Date, TBD

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Brothers In Christ Alliances Men's Meeting

February 23, 2023, at 7pm 

ARMI Ministries -

4351 Marseilles St. - Detroit 48224 

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